Start with Metabolites

Connect metabolites to SNPs, genes or diseases

Start with SNPs

Connect SNPs to genes, metabolites or diseases

Start with Genes

Connect genes to SNPs, metabolites or diseases

Integrated Search

Joint search of individual SNP and/or metabolite

MR Analysis

Perform Mendelian randomization analysis

Browse mPheWAS

Browse phenome-wide MR of metabolome

Browse mGWAS

Browse 65 manually curated mGWAS studies

mGWASR Package

Use R package for batch processing or extension

Please use OmicsForum for support & troubleshooting request
Comprehensive Libraries

Comprehensive collection and deep annotation of results from 65 mGWAS publications. Integrated with HaploReg, VEP, KEGG, Transporter Classification Database (TCDB), Recon3D, as well as common PPI databases.

Causal Analysis

Leverage known diseases associated with SNPs, genes or metabolites to perform causal analysis causal analysis between >4000 metabolites and various disease phenotypes based on two sample Mendelian randomization, with comprehensive support for data harmonization

Functional Insights

Create and visually explore SNP, gene, metabolite, eQTL, pQTL, or disease networks, coupled with enrichment analysis; Or perform semantic triples analysis for triangulation of evidence based on literature mining.

  • Added R command history panel (05/30/2023);
  • Minor code cleaning and fixed home page navigation (05/27/2023);
  • Switched to using local plink files for LD proxy search (05/05/2023);
  • Switched to MyVariant for SNP annotation (03/21/2023);
  • Added Miami plot to visualize significant results of mPheWAS in both phenome-wide and metabolome-wide view (03/17/2023);
  • Added support for auto-complete when searching exposures/outcomes (03/16/2023);
  • Added a new module to support browsing the results of phenome-wide MR of metabolome (03/14/2023);
  • Switched to local LD clumping to decrease processing time, compared to using the external API (01/26/2023);
  • Added PMID links in literature evidence (01/17/2023);
  • Added support to search literature evidence (i.e., semantic triples) in MR module (01/14/2023);
  • Fixed bugs in MR analysis module (01/08/2023);
  • Added support to perform pQTL (protein quantitative trait loci) mapping (01/03/2023);
  • Fixed bugs in network view (12/30/2022).
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