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  • Connect SNPs to genes, metabolites or diseases


  • Connect metabolites to SNPs, genes or diseases


  • Connect genes to SNPs, metabolites or diseases


  • Search significant SNP-metabolite associations within 65 mGWAS


  • Browse individual mGWAS in Manhattan plot or network
Comprehensive Library

Comprehensive collection and deep annotation of results from 65 mGWAS publications. Support for searching a single item, exploring individual studies, and uploading a list.

Integrating with HaploReg, VEP, KEGG, Transporter Classification Database (TCDB), Recon3D as well as common PPI databases.

Network Analysis

Mechanistic insights: users can easily create SNP-based, gene-based, or metabolite-based networks and visually explore the results in a systems biology context.

Hypothesis generation: users can include known diseases associated with SNPs, genes or metabolites to perform cross-phenotype association analysis.

Functional Insights

Users can perform various functional analysis including SNP set enrichment analysis, gene set enrichment analysis, and metabolite set enrichment analysis.

Other features including topology analysis, searching different paths connecting SNPs, genes, metabolites, and diseases.

News & Updates
  • Code cleaning and refactoring for better performance (05/31/2022);
  • Added support for metabolite-disease and gene-disease network (05/23/2022);
  • Updated tutorials and FAQs (05/13/2022);
  • Fixed issues with table browsing and table statistics (05/10/2022);
  • Fixed issues with highlighting seed nodes function (05/10/2022);
  • Improved name mapping functions for common metabolite names (05/09/2022);
  • Added support to integrate with PPI network (04/18/2022);
  • Added support for LD proxy search (04/16/2022);
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Publication:   Chang, L., Zhou, G., Ou, H., and Xia, J. mGWAS-Explorer: linking SNPs, genes, metabolites and diseases for functional insights Metabolites 2022, 12(6), 526
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